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The Honey Badger Heart

A Fearless Quest For The Masculine

What does it mean to be a real man?

How does one become a man?

How do you get beyond the stereotypes of men?

These questions are variations on a theme that seems all too familiar to many men. Men are experiencing an appeal to their masculinity to which they very often do not have a response. On top of that, many seem to think that they need to sort this out alone.


Connections with other men have disappeared or have diluted to talking over a beer about sports, sex, work, or the mortgage. Nothing wrong with that, but many men have a need for more. More positive male energy, more connection to who they really are, more satisfaction in their relationships, more sense of belonging and more natural leadership. In short: feeling more alive.

The man you want to be is inside you

Moderators, elder and fellow participants will help you unveil him

And then you make a plan...